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EvergreenHealth Doctors Repair ACL Tear with Groundbreaking Implant


March 2023

Kirkland, Wash. – Two EvergreenHealth orthopedic surgeons are now the first physicians in Washington state to perform anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair surgery using a new implant that enables the body to heal its own torn ACL. The new implant eliminates the need to use a healthy tendon from another part of a patient or donor's body to replace the torn ligament. Camille Clinton, MD, and John Manning, MD, with EvergreenHealth Orthopedics & Sports performed the procedure using the BEAR® (Bridge Enhanced ACL Restoration) Implant, which offers the first innovation in ACL tear treatment in more than 30 years.

EvergreenHealth is the only hospital or health system in Washington and one of 10 sites in the U.S. participating in a study that utilizes the BEAR Implant.

Unlike typical ACL reconstruction, the BEAR Implant does not require a second surgical wound site to remove a healthy tendon. Instead, the implant simply acts as a bridge between the two ends of the torn ligament. As the ACL heals, the body absorbs the BEAR Implant within approximately eight weeks, enabling the torn ACL to repair itself.

"What is exciting about this clinical trial is that it demonstrates how innovative medical technology can promote the healing of the patient's torn ACL while maintaining the natural knee anatomy," said Dr. Clinton, one of the surgeons who performed the surgery at EvergreenHealth.

EvergreenHealth Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine is part of the EvergreenHealth Neuroscience, Spine & Orthopedic Institute. The state-of-the-art facility offers experts in orthopedic care, comprehensive rehabilitation services and patient-friendly access. It is recognized by U.S. News & World Report for its high performance in knee replacement, with surgeons who pioneer in minimally invasive and computer-navigated procedures for knee repair.

"Early clinical studies with the BEAR Implant have shown the potential for faster recovery of muscle strength and encouraging findings regarding patient satisfaction and readiness to return to sports when compared with traditional ACL reconstruction," said Dr. Manning, who performed the surgery with Dr. Clinton.

Every year, approximately 400,000 ACL injuries occur in the U.S., making it one of the most common knee injuries.

"We are committed to continually enhancing the quality of care we provide at EvergreenHealth, which is why we are honored to be one of the few orthopedic facilities in the nation to offer the game-changing BEAR Implant," said EvergreenHealth CEO Jeff Tomlin, MD. "Our state-of-the-art facility offers experts in orthopedic care, comprehensive rehabilitation services and more than 20 renowned orthopedic surgeons. This latest achievement is one more step in our goal to provide the highest level of orthopedic care for our patients and their families."

To learn more about services provided at EvergreenHealth's Neuroscience, Spine & Orthopedic Institute, visit

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